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Over a year

Few days ago I surprised myself that I almost did not remember that I’m now past the 365th day of being an OFW. Living within the breeze of the Gulf didn’t hurt. What I thought of ‘okay-let’s-see-if-it’s-oh-kay-there’, is actually more than okay. It’s perfectly fine that soon at least five more colleagues from my previous office would be arriving here. The more, the happier.

It would be my turn to orient them
(a) why there are no security guards at the banks and other establishments, that it would eventually lead to getting irritated when you’re back home and there’s series of inspection whenever you chance to enter a building in the Philippines; it’s a sad fact that it’s more secured here;

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Sense and Sensibility

I’ve been ‘flipping through’ the pages of the free e-books since we started with our online Jane Austen Book Club. However, I didn’t think twice when I saw this Austen pack containing Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice. The 25% price slash was too strong to resist. After all, this contains Austen’s most known novels (and had film adaptions, too). And I know you would agree that the real book is still better.

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When the impossible happens

When the impossible happens,
It makes us think that the remote is probable,
That black can be white, or otherwise,
That something (is) maybe wrong,
It is bizarre yet incredible.

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Museum of the Filipino People

The only time I went to National Museum was when we were required to see Spoliarium and other paintings by Philippine National Artists, as part of arts appreciation chapter in our Humanities class. I find it strange (and a bit of shame) to have not been visiting our very own museum, while I find time to explore the foreign ones. Hence, I’ve booked this tour (with a college friend who I thought might want to revisit the place, too) before coming home for a vacation.

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The five-way lechon that we had in Claude Tayag’s house is just half of the picture of our visit there. I didn’t expect there’s much justification to why Bale Dutung (Kapampangan term for House of Woods) in Angeles City is called as such.

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(An old photo of the church pre-eruption) displayed in the mini-museum). Bacolor Church reminded me of Cagsawa Ruins in Daraga, Albay. As written near the church entrance sideways to the bell tower that survived:

San Guillermo Parish Church is named after the town’s patron saint. The church was originally constructed by the Augustinian friars in 1576 - also the town’s founding - with Fr. Diego De Ochoa, OSA, as the town’s first parish priest having been installed as such two years after. In 1880, the church was destroyed by an earthquake only to be rebuilt by Fr. Eugenio Alvarez in 1886. Lahar flowed from the slopes of Mt. Pinatubo which erupted into world notice on June 15, 1991, buried the church at half its 12-meter height prompting of its more than 50,000 town residents to evacuate to safer grounds in resettlement areas.

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Ultimate Kapampangan Tour (1 of 3)

A month before taking my vacation last year, I’ve booked two local tours. One of which is the Ultimate Kapampangan Tour. I really looked forward to this tour organized by fellow blogger Anton Diaz, with Ivan Man Dy, Ivan Henares and Spanky Enriquez. 

The tour is being arranged ideally for 30 persons. We met up before 7:00 AM in Makati and the bus left on time heading to Pampanga. Since this is a culinary tour and that we were warned that we will be eating a lot throughout the day as intended, I did not take breakfast at home. True enough, just as the bus was still parked near 6750, Spanky handed crispy ensaimada to each of us. It is uniquely delicious that I tried to source it before returning here, but I didn’t find one. Also, Ivan handed a bayong (I like it so much that I brought it here, I’m attaching different scarves to it) to us. In the evening, it was more than filled out of Kapampangan goodies.

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